A storm lashes out against the coast. In the aftermath, a figure is left unconscious on the beach...

Chapter 1: After the Storm

Haruki the timid pikachu dreams of becoming an explorer, but he lacks courage. That is, until he experiences a fateful encounter with a certain amnesiac.

Chapter 2: New Guild Recruits

Miku reluctantly joins Haruki in becoming an apprentice at the Wigglytuff Guild, but will they be able to endure the guild's tough training regimen?

Chapter 2/3 Intermission: Lore of HitB

Tidbits that delve into the PMD headcanon at the center of Hanging in the Balance!

Chapter 3: The Scream

As their second mission, rookie team Resplendent must capture an outlaw and bring them to justice! However, a visit to town and a meeting with two young brothers leaves Miku experiencing strange episodes.

Chapter 3/4 Intermission: Q & A Session

People harass Pokemon by asking them questions!

Chapter 4: The Treasure

After a bit of troubling news, Resplendent decides to take the day off. Haruki tells the story of how he encountered his first and greatest treasure. The treasure isn't friendship, just to be clear.

Chapter 4/5 Intermission: Lore of HitB Part 2

Additional segments explaining the workings of this PMD world!

Chapter 5: Plotting Shadows

Aspiring thieves Avis and Fionn, with the help of a dangerous older brother, are starting their biggest heist yet! Only problem is, they have to gain the Wigglytuff guild's trust first, and pesky Team Resplendent is making a huge fuss about it. A bit of meddling should put them in their place, no problem.